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Richard French began his career in 1970 as a maintenance and repair specialist with Eutectic Corporation. Several years later Richard started his own company, and planted the seeds of what was to eventually grow into Welding Wire Warehouse. 
     In 1989  Welding Wire Warehouse became a reality. Richard's goal with this new company was to get involved, get dirty, and figure out what could be done to help his customers extend the life of hundreds of parts.
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Welding Wire Warehouse is the company you turn to for Advantages. These are some of the advantages or benefits we provide to our customers.
•Over 40 years maintenance and repair welding experience,
•We are  to date on the newest products and  processes.
•Largest Inventory of Maintenance and Repair Products in California delivered to your location
•Guaranteed lowest prices. 

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Welcome to Welding Wire Warehouse

The cost of replacement parts are soaring! Then there's the cost of labor to remove and replace those parts, as well as the downtime during that process.

Welding Wire Warehouse has a better solution. 
What if you could triple the life of those parts?

Welding Wire Warehouse specializes in saving you money by showing you how to increase the wear life of your parts. How? We work with major maintenance and repair specialists from across the USA to offer you other options. We analyze each of your parts, determining the base metal and types of wear involved, then consult with metallurgists and hardfacing specialists to develop alternatives for your company. New products, techniques and processes are being developed every year. The typical welding supply store can't keep up with all this new information. We do!
Plus, we stock and deliver to your site whatever hardfacing or welding products you require at the guaranteed lowest cost. 

We do not exist to replace your current welding distributor. Rather, we are here to pick up where they leave off, by providing the maintenance and repair expertise and products your company needs.

Please contact us at your convenience to inquire about our services, or with any questions or comments you might have. Thank you for stopping by.